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Your Language Innovation Hub

A team of passionate linguists and developers bringing to you a data-focused approach to improve your work processes and leverage your language data to its fullest potential

L10n and i18n
Taking your web-services global?

Full-cycle l10n and i18n engineering services done properly from the start

Want to leverage your language data?

Take your language business further with our custom machine translation and other cool NLP tools

Need custom software for your translation project?

Developed by engineers with translators in mind

Our Process

We find the bee line to the best your business can be. No intrusion, no hype, no nonsense.


We Observe

We spend time with your team to learn about your work processes


We Analyze

We identify which parts can be optimized, and how we can use your data to save you time and money


We Create

We develop creative software solutions that are time- and cost-effective


We Iterate

We identify main KPIs and observe them to verify that our solution is working well

What We Do?
We Are Your Language Innovation Hub

An NLP project for a real-life use case requires an expertise in the domain in question — linguistics, a Data Science skill stack, as well as the ability to implement it all on the back-end in a usable way. Our team consists of carefully selected specialists in all of those, so we can provide a full-cycle support for an NLP project of any complexity.

  • Linguistics
  • Data Science
  • Engineering
About Us
We Bring Gentle Innovation into the Language Industry

Innovation doesn't have to be scary, over-hyped, or mystical. We don’t want AI to replace you, we want it to help you do more, faster. Here at Metamova, we believe in non-intrusive improvement, decentralized adoption of new technologies, and voluntary data sharing. We want the translation industry to use machine translation in a way that is most beneficial to the translators, we want conversational technologies to help your customers where real people can’t, and we believe in making all information ultimately available in all languages.
The patterns in our behavior is what unites us. AI uses those patterns to learn, so it can’t exist without us.



Our Blog

How To Internationalize Your Flask App Like a Pro

How to tweak the Babel library for large i18n projects to enable pseudo‐
translation and iterative localization.

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In Defense of Rule-Based NLP

Not all AI is neural networks, and not all neural networks are effective. Here's why rule-based methods are efficient and powerful in real life, even when they are sold as advanced AI.

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